How to Select the Best Staffing Agency Software
A person who manages a staffing agency needs a lot dedication and attention to details. small mistakes could make a significant difference in the overall success of a business. Particularly, the workflow of time sheets from the Temp's work in the facility to the collection, payroll and invoices must be exact because each hour of work that is paid to the Temp should also be translated into one hour paid by the client. The correct credentialing of employees is crucial as it can affect the credibility of the agency with clients and could also pose a legal risk. The use of specialist software allows for maintaining a an extremely high degree of accuracy in business operations. In addition to the need for accuracy the benefits of employing a software to manage staff begin to be apparent as the company's staffing needs begin to expand. Business IT outsourcing automation significantly reduces the amount of time needed for day-to-day operation, increases quality and ultimately results in higher profits and lower costs. Software that facilitates business automation can comprise a database for managing the candidate pool, the recruiting activities, or applications to make scheduling easier. It could also be an integrated workflow system to manage timesheets beginning at the point of entry until the payment of the invoice. A long list of apps were created to handle various aspects of a staffing agency. Many of these applications are able to be utilized in many different industries. However, some are designed specifically for particular situations. Each kind of software comes with its specific pros and cons that should be considered before you sign up for expensive subscriptions. Agency workflows There are a myriad of tools that can enhance staffing agency operations. It can be difficult to select the most appropriate software for your company. Due to the parameters that define the operation of agencies like size, strategy, industry and type of clients and industry, they are able to differ greatly. It is therefore important to understand the workflows in the agency and the principals of operation first, determine the ways software can enhance the efficiency of each workflow and then start the process of screening of vendors. For instance when an agency pays Temps once a week then the payroll system needs to be able support this. Software can significantly improve workflows in the following departments:
  • Sourcing & Recruiting
  • Scheduling
  • Management of credentials
  • Processing time sheets
  • Payroll
  • Invoices and Collections
  • Reporting and bookkeeping
Software Types When you've got a clear understanding of your business's processes The next step is to determine what type of software is the most suitable. There are three kinds of general software: 1. Generic, 2. Generic Staffing 3. Industry Specific. Generic software is used by a wide variety of businesses across many sectors. Quickbooks accounting software as well as Microsoft Outlook e-mail are two excellent examples. The benefit of using general software is that there generally is a huge community of support and it's reasonably priced. At the same time because it's not specific to the industry the staffing agency is in the business, it is not the most effective option. For example, Quickbooks supports a time sheet management system. It appears excellent for payroll and scheduling, however, it's also prone to error due to the limited verification of user input. Generic staffing software is only appropriate for staffing agencies. It does not apply to other industries. A variety of Applicant Tracking Systems for example can be used for virtually any kind of staffing agency. There are a variety of systems that support particular aspects of an agency's operation. However, because they're not specifically designed for any industry (e.g. Every application can be used to help with one aspect of the hiring process, and they are not specifically designed for any particular industry (e.g. truck drivers consultants, truck drivers, health care). The agency then needs to establish interfaces between the various applications to ensure the flow of information across the company from recruitment to invoice management. Staffing software that is specific to the industry usually is a software program that covers all aspects of business operations. The software is limited to a specific industry (e.g. healthcare) e.g. It's only applicable to healthcare, and it provides the highest degree of automation. These software have many benefits. But there is also the disadvantage of being locked in with one vendor. The information that staffing agencies creates is kept in one place and the longer the agency uses the software, the more difficult it becomes to change vendors later on. In addition, Industry Specific applications have a workflow built into them so they don't work well when it comes to supporting staffing processes that are proprietary. This can be a problem for staffing agencies. Selection Process The requirement for software to manage staff is often triggered by the need to optimize business processes or the preparation for growth. It is advised to pinpoint those areas of the organization in which software can have the greatest impact on profits and then target them first. This can reduce the expense and risks associated with major business shifts. Once it is clear which kind of software is required, a list with vendors can be constructed using simple Internet research. It can be difficult to locate information online regarding specific software. Therefore, it is a good idea to sign up for the demo of each vendor. These requests are usually accepted as they provide a fantastic opportunity to sell their software. Working through all the demos is time-consuming, but it can also be a rewarding process. Not only can you be able to judge how the application can help the agency's business processes, but there is also learning involved, which can result in improvements to business operations beyond the software. It is important to inquire, make notes, and check the boxes for the specific specifications that the software has to satisfy. This will help you make the right choice when you are ready to choose. After all the vendors have been reviewed, a choice is made. It's worth the time since it's certain that the best software for your business will be selected, which can yield significant savings or additional revenues. The software must be utilized for a longer period of time.

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