Are You a Champion Excuse-Maker?
Do you often find yourself making excuses for what you did or didn't do? If so, this article's perfect for you! Excuses are designed to let you off the hook by preventing you from seeing what you need to see, and stopping you from admitting what you need to admit. It's true that it's painful to get rid of your excuses. But, in the long run you'll do better since you'll be less prone to regrets more guilt, lesser anxiety, etc. S. If you're an excuse maker, be open to trying something new. Stop the excuses! Engage in a honest discussion with yourself. If you've failed to do what you stated you would do acknowledge it! If you're feeling unworthy and depressed accept it! If you're disappointed in your achievements, confess it! If you feel your relationships lack intimacy, admit it! If you're feeling lost in the forest acknowledge it! A word of caution - when you are honest with yourself, don't make the truth sound horrendous. There is no need to think of yourself as a bad person. You have human weaknesses and flaws, just like everyone else. Perhaps you're feeling anxious or naive. Maybe you're feeling lazy confused or unloved. Maybe you're overweight, drink too much or sleep too much. Visit:- Okay! Acknowledge your mistakes. Recognize your mistakes. Then you can begin to change your life. Certain excuses might help you get off the hook for the moment, but as time goes on they rob you of an enriched, more satisfying lifestyle. Jeff was an upper-level supervisor who believed he was on the path to success. He was employed in a design company that the company he was a fan of. However, his day at work was anything but satisfying. While he was able to do a lot of tasks to complete and his mind was always drifting to distracting thoughts. He was prone to interruptions, such as phone calls, visits from strangers lengthy lunches, unexpected errands, preferring the novelty of the unexpected to the monotony of focusing on the task in front of him. At first, the people who worked for him thought that he was a thoughtful and caring person, until they heard him tell them "No regardless of how busy I am, I'm always here should you need to talk or need a hand. " They didn't realize was that his offers of help were actually pleas to take a break from his job. When Jeff was told to stop by the boss of his company for not having completed reports on time, he defended himself from the mistake by saying, "How could he expect me to complete all that work done in such a short period of time? " After several reprimands, he was let go. He explained his dismissal with excuses that began with the words. " Itwas an extremely difficult time for the economy. Itwas a poorly run company. The company was their loss. "It" served as a reason to excuse himself, preventing himself from revealing the true reason he was let go. Another missed opportunity to be honest with his own self! "The future belongs to people who are able to believe in the splendor of their dreams," said Eleanor Roosevelt. But it's not that gorgeous if you spend your time in dreaming, and minimize your activities. Then when called on your feet, spend your time excuse-making. You can do better! You must do better! You will do better!

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