How To Make More Money In 2022 – The Top Seven Questions To Ask Yourself
Earning more money, and living more happily and living a healthier life are always top priorities that we secretly, and occasionally openly have for ourselves at the beginning of every year and 2022 will not be any different. In addition to money as well, we wish ourselves and our neighbors and friends alike good well-being, abundance of blessings, the grace of God and happiness, But we also know that if are richer, it means God has answered our requests. To make this New Year better than the previous one, we write down our New Year resolutions and pray that all our desires are fulfilled. However, these resolutions are frequently than not lost a couple of weeks into the New Year as life sweeps us by. There are those who believe that in order to succeed, you have to sit down and create goals and plans. You then go about executing your plans and all would be all good. This is not a good plan. Instead of planning and write down goals make sure you ask yourself specific questions first. In order to ensure you make more money in 2022, you must be guided by questions . here are the top seven to ask. 1. How much do I wish to earn? An easy and nearly trite question, but this is the first question you should ask yourself. It's the guideline to where you're going. You should know exactly about the amount you'd like earn in 2022 prior to you do any other thing. The more precise the figure the more likely you'll be able to make it. Do not say I wish to earn more money, or even a lot of money. Instead, say I want to make $500,000 or $1 million by 2022. If you can do this, your mind will get to get to work and shift forces to help you achieve your target. The human brain is awestruck by accuracy, so if you wish to hit the goals you've set, be clear what the goal is in terms of the exact number. Also be unrealistic by setting the target in a bold way. It's a mental thing. If you're earning $15,000 why go for $20,000 when are able to target $150,000, which is 10X your present income? sport news casino review thai casino soccer news sport news 2. What I'm doing currently putting more money in my pocket? There are many people who like doing things that make them look popular or loved by others and generally do not ask they're putting more money in their pocket. As you've already guessed, time is among the smallest resources , and once gone it's gone for good. So you have to use your time prudently. Anytime you're asked or tempted to do anything, always be sure to ask yourself if this going to result in more money into my pocket? If not and you're not sure, then don't do it. If you do you're cheating yourself as you would have used that time to do something else which would have put more money in your pocket or swollen your bank account. Don't waste your time and as much as is possible avoid overextending yourself by tackling too many tasks and projects that do not put money into your bank account. 3. What should you do in order to increase my income by doubling, triple or even 10X my income? For the next 2022 year, think of ways to increase your income exponentially instead of in a linear way. If you're earning say $10,000 think of ways you could double it within the space of a month, or three months to $20,000 or even 10x it up to $100,000. If you're doing 9 - 5 as an employee, think of how you could change jobs to earn double or how you could you ask your current employer to increase your salary by a third. If you're self employed, can you modify your strategy to triple or double your income? Every day throughout 2022, you must always carry a pen and paper and examine the different combinations that could help you double or quadruple or 10X your earnings. 4. What price am I willing to pay to achieve my target income? As the saying goes "No Cross, No Crown." Many people prefer to eat eggs, but they aren't averse to breaking eggs. It's a false assumption. When the year begins, be prepared and ready to take on any cost and take on any burden, and do whatever you can to earn more money in 2022. Do you require an outstanding certificate? Do you need to move to a different state or to another country in the event of your circumstances? Are you required to master cryptocurrency, Forex commerce, Content Marketing, internet-based business or any other skills needed to double the amount you're earning now? If you're not prepared to pay any price to achieve your goal, then you're restricting your options. 5. Where can I seek help to increase my earnings in 2022? A lot of people suffer from confidence issues and find it hard to ask for assistance. Some individuals are lonely and prefer to toil all alone. It's a mental thing. All you need to know is the fact that people across the world willing to help with your request if you ask and ask in the correct way. Remember, you're not begging. Believing in yourself is to devalue yourself and to undervalue your worth. Remember, you're not soliciting a doleout. You're merely trying to seriously ask how you can move from here to somewhere else? You could even inquire on Google and YouTube and Facebook as well as a plethora of other social media platforms. You can join online groups. There are so many ways to ask for assistance. If you're hoping to earn more money in 2022, make asking for help an important way of doing things during the New Year. 6. What number of lives do I wish to touch? Do you have a Dr. Peter Diamandis, the co-founder of Singularity University and the author of two best-selling books, Bold and Abundance, once declared, if you'd like to become a billionaire touch one billion lives. If you're looking to earn more money by 2022, then you need to be prepared to touch more lives. What can you do? You could become a community mobilizer like former president Barack Obama was before he was elected president. You can start a blog or podcast and preach about bad leadership in your community. You can set up an online school similar to Khan Academy. There are many possibilities to make more money in 2022 simply by touching more people and making a huge impact. What you must be aware of in the back of your thoughts is that making more money is not just for your personal ego trip. 7. Why do I want to earn more money by 2022? In the paragraph above It is essential to be aware in the back of your mind that making more money is not for your personal ego trip. If you are looking to earn more money in 2022, you should have a strong "Why" that transcends the mundane. You don't want to earn more money because you'd like to buy a Rolls Royce, build a larger house, or buy an Island all for yourself. You need a powerful "Why" for the reason that the stronger and more compelling your "Why", the more resilient you'll be to face challenges when getting difficult. If you're "Why" is weak, you'll be tempted to give up whenever you face your first hurdle, or encounter an unintentional setback. A "Why" that has a direct impact on more lives by helping make the world better and being of service to humanity are the types of "Why" that will stand in the face of time. Create a powerful "Why" to help you along your journey, and you'll make more money in 2022. Here are the seven top questions you should ask yourself in order to earn more money in 2022. The first step is to ask yourself how much money I'd like to earn and then thinking long and thoughtfully about the desired amount. Without a set amount, all other activities will be an ineffective exercise. The next step is to ask, is what I'm currently doing is putting more money into my pocket? The next question is, what can I do to double , or triple or quadruple or 10X my income? The next question is which price am I willing to pay to reach my target income? Then you zero in on the best way to get assistance in generating more income? The next in order is how many lives do I wish to impact? And the ultimate question is, why do I want to make more money? If you are able to ask these questions and systematically go in seeking answers to them, you'll earn more money in 2022 than you did during the last 10 years taken together. I guarantee. Paul Uduk is the creator of Book Writing Clinic (BWC) which aims to train 1 million writers into professional empires across Africa. He is also the creator of iBMCer an all-inclusive program that shows you how to create online assets and businesses. He is the author of seven books, among them Bridges to the Customer's Heart, dubbed The customer service bible with endorsements from Pascal Dozie (MTN Chairman), Ben Ofungwu (ISN Chairman) Tony Elumelu (UBA Chairman) and Nkechi Obi (GMD Techno Oil). The late internationally-acclaimed motivator, Richmond Dayo Johnson, was quoted by Paul in the title of "One of Nigeria's most authentic and experiential writers." A trainer par excellence Paul is the founder of Vision & Talent Training Group which has clients that include Fortune 500 and some of Nigeria's biggest corporations, including Dangote, First Bank, Techno Oil and Nestoil Group (whose clients include ExxonMobil, Chevron, Shell, Agip, and NNPC as well as other clients). Paul has been featured in The Guardian, Vanguard, NTA, SilverBird TV, Business Day and Success Digest Extra. A Platinum Author at EzineArticles.Com The E-Product Development Blueprint For Beginners has been posted on Medium. 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